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spirit of boheme commercial images

Lisa recently launched her business and needed images for her website, social media platforms and advertising. She needed more than a simple headshot so we met to design a shoot that communicated who she was. Over good coffee and great food, we came up with a few different concepts and a shot list. The first part of the shoot shot in ...

Celebrate being eleven!

She can be whoever she wants to be! Girly AND athletic, Pretty AND strong! When Lisa approached me to do this shoot I jumped at the chance. She wanted to capture everything Lucia is at 11 and that happens to be girly AND athletic. She does Ballet AND plays football. She's sweet AND sassy. There is a beautiful balance between being ...

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The Locke family farewell Townsville

The lovely Locke family farewelled Townsville recently heading off on the caravaning adventure of a lifetime. It's the sort of trip most of us only dream of... well these guys are actually doing it! Just think... homeschooling the kids, life on the road, there's nowhere you really need to be and moving at whatever pace you want to. Wow! Before they ...

love for Luna Blu

I want to share these images I shot for Kya, Ben, Kaiulani, Meika & Lola recently celebrating the arrival of Luna but am struggling to find the right words. When I look at them I can feel the love shared between them all which takes my breath (and ability to speak) away.  Luna Blu has everyone captivated. She's one lucky ...

Asta’s family is growing

'I'm not young enough to know everything' is a quote from Oscar Wilde. This is something that I'm constantly reminded of. Here is a little story that confirms it... Little Asta was telling her Mum's friends that her Mum had a baby in her belly. It was a girl and her name was Sadie. Jessica didn't think much of it. She ...

just in time

Jemmah and Wade's shoot was scheduled for the first time during 'the big wet'. After rescheduling 3 times we finally had a day with enough light to shoot. We were ready to shoot at 8.30am.... that was until Jemmah's water broke at 6.30am. Amazingly she still wanted to go ahead. "Don't worry, we've got this" her message to me read. ...

Time for some new family photos?

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  • This is eleven! The perfect blend of girl and woman. Check out the blog post on this shoot. Link in bio. Megan
  • She can be whoever she wants to be! Girly AND athletic, Pretty AND strong!
This is eleven, check her out on the blog -

Megan :)
  • Our first Headshot day was a hit and the second one is scheduled!

Throughout the day I shot for a psychic, business owners, a director, lawyers, a travel agent, and a feng shui consultant. I loved meeting such a variety of people who are all passionate about what they do. 
Swipe to check out a few of the images and to find out all the info on our next headshot, follow the link in bio. 
Megan :)
  • You know that feeling you get when you can finally put a face to the name... in this digital age it’s all about the power of a headshot! #firstimpressionscount
  • She ran wild and free and just looking at her in this image, makes me want to do the same. 
Megan :)
  • This kid! At 11 she’s 33 percent girl, 33 percent woman and 33 percent superstar.
  • Where would we be without our friends! This girl gang has had each other's backs since prep. Documenting them before they run off together into the teenage years was important. You can't make time stand still but you can document it. 
  • 20 years later and I'm photographing the Womersley Boys again. They haven't changed a bit! Swipe to see their earlier shot.
  • I'm pretty sure when I saw this image on the back of my camera I squealed.  Those pointed toes and the eyes closed kiss - sweet girlie delight.