Based in Townsville, Insight Creative photography studio offer portrait and commercial photography.

Hi, I’m Megan

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Megan Marano

Photographer, Potter, Yoga novice.

My style can be described as natural, bright, timeless and emotive. It’s really important to me that the people I’m lucky enough to shoot enjoy the experience so I use  humour and warmth to make them relaxed and comfortable. I think this shows in the end result. I’m able to really focus on my subject because I have been a full time photographer for 28 years! The technical side of things is like breathing to me.

I believe great photography has more to do with connection than with anything else. I strive to create real connection my subjects, aiming to capture more than just what they look like but the essence of who they are.

I’m inspired by…

People – their personalities, quirks, mannerisms and what makes them uniquely them. It’s what I’ve driven to capture.

Light and beauty – It took me quite sometime to figure out that most people don’t see light the way I do. Wether it’s golden afternoon light or the way window light can softly highlight someones face… I’m in awe. Different lighting changes the way you feel.

Passion – People who are passionate about what they do are my fuel. I soak up their story and before I know it I’m their greatest cheerleader. I’m driven to create images that showcase business owners passion and tell their story.

‘I strive to capture more than what you look like…
it’s your character I seek. The mannerisms and twinkle in your eye that makes you uniquely you. Everyone has a story to tell.’