Insight Creative



Based in Townsville, Insight Creative photography studio offer portrait and commercial photography. We are an award winning, passionate fun loving duo of a photographer and a graphic artist. We are continually inspired by life and are committed to communicating stories and moving people through the art of photography.
Our Team


Second shooter, donut taster.

Jane’s happy, carefree positive personality shines through in her photography style. She has an innate ability to hone in on the joy in life and document it in a way that will make you smile f rom ear to ear.


Photographer, yoga novice.

Megan is renowned for her relaxed, natural style of photography. She uses humour and warmth to make you feel relaxed and comfortable at your shoot. This ability didn’t happen overnight, Megan has 23 years experience! With 3 grown children (and one extra little one) she knows that life doesn’t stand still for anyone.

Her photos are an expression of how she sees the world, it’s unique. When creating portraits of the people you love she aims to create images that in the future will be used as time machines, transporting you back to moments long gone.

Megan believes great photography has more to do with connection than with anything else. She strives to create real connection with her subject, capturing more than just what they look like but the essence of who they are.

“There’s an incredible beauty in everything that most people can’t see… but I see it. So, I document it to show people what they already have, so they can appreciate it.”


designer, tea maker, organisation queen.

Suz is everything at the studio that doesn’t involve taking a photo!! She is the stand in light-tester to save you the awkward ‘left a little, down a bit, sit down, stand up, nailed it’ setup shots!! She’s the muscles to help with any gear carrying, furniture moving (she teaches group fitness classes in her spare time).

She uses her rad skills to pop our photos into designs so we can get our message out to the world (starting with Townsville). With her English roots she makes a cracking cup of tea and because the three of us are more like sisters we make for a fun filled photo shoot with easy conversation. Be prepared to laugh, no awkward silences at our studio!!

Suz is that rare breed of designer that actually gets a kick out of organising and putting systems and procedures into place. We are still in disbelief how she can be creative yet so ‘admin’ at the same time. But for that crazy mix we are grateful!!


official smile maker.

For some, being photographed is not their favourite thing to do and that’s where Frankie helps out. Making you smile is her mission, she is excellent at her job. When not in the studio Frankie enjoys long walks on the beach and ball sports.

‘Because, children grow, life is beautiful, everything changes constantly, family is important, and in the end, love and photos remain.’