Commercial photography for a new business

After shooting for businesses for many years, one thing I know for sure – Passion is contagious.

When a business owner is passionate about their business it rubs off on me and I’m all in. I think about their brand when I’m doing digital work, in the shower or driving. I dream about the images we are going to produce, I’m consumed.
After meeting Jane from Tea in the Garden this certainly was the case. When Jane spoke about what she wanted to create her eyes lit up and twinkled a little. She’s dreamt about this for a long time so her attention to detail when communicating what we needed to create was incredible.
The brief was comprehensive. We started with branding images. Jane hired a house for our location and pulled together professionals to create something really special. Nothing is more important than the team!
• Models – Sia model management
• Make up – Georgies Beauty Room
• Flowers – Townsville Flower Market
• Styling – Jane, Tea in the Garden
The product shoot was shot with a full studio light set up using backgrounds I’d chosen to match Tea in the Gardens branding. This shoot included stills as well as moving portraits. The moving portraits show how the fabric moves and gives the viewer a feel for the texture.
I’m incredibly proud of the images we created. Seeing them amongst Jane’s beautiful branding and website is actually quite overwhelming.
What I learnt from Jane while shooting this – fashion is about way more than simply what you look like. It’s about creating how you want to feel. And the way you feel, changes how you show up and interact, which can change everything.
A quote from Jane – Tea in the Garden is here to help you feel good. Here os you have one less thing to worry about. To cheer you on, so you can spend your precious time making memories,not frantically looking for something to wear. Here to see you shine, whatever the occasion.
Megan 🙂


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