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Charlotte – Debutante

What a stunner! I drove down to the Burdekin on the weekend to document Charlotte's Deb. We started the shoot at the DalSanto family home. The DalSanto's are all about family. Grandparents, Aunties and Charlotte's siblings were all there to celebrate with them. Charlotte was absolutely stunning! Megan

Galactic Donuts commercial shoot – a day in the life of creating donuts

THE CLIENT - Galactic Donuts THE BRIEF - Create images that communicate to customers how the Galactic donut is created, every step of the way. Images should include staff, the food and the shop. I shot at Galactic donuts over a 2 hour period to get all the internal images. I moved around the store with the staff shooting with natural light ...

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Headshots and business in action commercial photography

These images were shot on location or a local engineering company. I was pleasantly surprised to find the office was beautifully lit so shot with natural light for the team in-action shots. The headshots needed to have a white background so I used a full studio light set up for this. Shooting with a full light set up gives me ...

Grace and Dean

The most beautiful thing about documenting love is that it rubs off on you. I left this shoot with a warm feeling in my heart... Dean and Grace are beautiful individuals so as a couple, it's a love that shines bright. Watching them interact was certainly a highlight and then their gorgeous pooches arrived. My day was made!

The Kemei family celebrations

This shoot was organised by 'the kids' to celebrate their parents birthdays. (Take note 'kids' there is nothing parents love more than the family they created) The love shared between this family was tangible. It was in the way they interacted, the way they looked at each other. It's a beautiful thing to capture. During the shoot we watched the sky turn ...

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