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The Stelmaschuk family at Pallarenda Beach

An afternoon with Marissa and Chris and their 3 little ones down at Pallarenda Beach was pure delight. This family wanted natural images that summed up their family of 5 before it became a family of 6. I hear so many people say that when their family is complete they will have family photos… The way I look at it is every stage of your family is worth documenting and your children change so quickly… why wait.

I managed to also capture film at this shoot which is really special. When my children were small I have about 5 years that have been lost in my memory. I had 3 under 4 at one stage so it’s all just a blur. I’d do just about anything to have a snapshot of one of our afternoons… It brings me great joy to create this for another family.

Megan ๐Ÿ™‚

You can also watch the film here for a high resolution version.

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  • I never got around to sharing this film I made of our Christmas. It's not exactly polished (could have been the 10 cocktails I had) but it's a pretty good representation of the day through my eyes. We had 28 for a sit down lunch so it  was hectic and full of action and love. . (and alcohol and food)
  • Some incredible feedback from a film I created for Suz and her family. It was beautiful to watch them, watch it, for the first time. This film accompanies the photos I took on the day so there is not need to choose between film or photo... you can have both. Megan :) Iโ€™ve already watched this 5 times and Megan only left about 20 mins ago ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ’• The most exquisite moments. I adore this already but imagine in 5, 10+ years time!!!!!! Photos are amazing but video especially with the interaction of Isla and Cali... priceless.
  • Little superboy flying high.. with a little bit of help from his super mumma.
  • In each little life, we can see great truth and beauty, and in each little life we glimpse the way of all things in the universe. If we alow ourselves to be enchanted by the beauty of the ordinary, we begin to see that all things extraordinary 
Quote - Dean Koontz
  • A relaxed afternoon at the beach
  • There is only one thing more precious than our time... who we spend it on.  Quote - Leo Christopher.
  • Pop over to the blog to see the love being showered on baby Felix. One lucky bubba. Link in bio :) megan
  • A lot changes in a few short weeks.
  • One day the house will be quiet and clean... in-between now and then I say embrace the chaos! 
If you haven't already checked out this family on the blog. Link in profile. Megan :)