The Blennerhassett family – Goshen Station

Standing in an open field at dawn I watched 13 year old Will bring 40 horses into the yard on a four wheeler.
I felt like I was in a scene from The Man From Snowy River, pinch me!
During the weekend I spent at Goshen Station with the Blennerhassett family moments like these happened often.
We climbed down mossy rocks, where ferns grew to secret waterfalls. Watched the sunset turn a million different shades of pink and orange. We shared BBQ dinners with the incredible family that call this place home.
I’ve been shooting for the Blennerhassett’s for many many years. In their home, photos I’ve taken adorn their walls. Being chosen to be a families photographer throughout the years is the greatest honour. Also, being invited to capture a family in their own home is incredible.
This time, I was thrilled to not only document their family photos but also create a family film for them. You can watch it here
Megan 🙂

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