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Having your photograph taken for work doesn’t have to be a horrible experience. Lets be honest, most people don’t like having their photo taken, which is fair enough because we aren’t all supermodels. In saying that, with the right lighting and preparation (see ideas below) you can still put your best face forward. For the men as always it’s a little more simple, well presented, hair combed, flies checked… for the ladies you may like to consider having a few things organised:

  • Hair – either styled by yourself or a professional (we can recommend some great local salons).
  • Makeup – makeup should be clean and professional, ideally applied by a professional if you lack the skills (again we can recommend some great local salons).
  • Clothing – if you wear a uniform make sure it is well pressed. If you wear your own clothes, make sure they suit your occupation and suit your shape. We aren’t massive fans of white because it’s hard to photograph – especially against a white background.

We like to photograph people with a nice even, soft diffused light that we can 100% assure you is flattering. We use either studio light or natural light. In Photoshop (yes we do love and use Photoshop for all our shoots) we do basic colour corrections and a little bit of ‘smoothing’ on the skin to fix up any minor imperfections. We don’t use Photoshop to create or modify anyone to look anything other than their natural best.
Your ‘corporate’ photo could be used for many years to come. It could be on websites, email signatures and even in print… So make the effort and you will be rewarded for it 🙂 Most importantly think about the image you’d like to portray to the world – relaxed, approachable, fun, serious… are you showcasing the person your potential clients would want to bring their kids to, invest all their money with…
We recently took photos for Carla Lejarraga for her business called The Thumb Sucking Clinic that she needed for a Duo Magazine article and also for her website. She arrived at the studio with her hair and makeup looking fantastic and had a few different outfit options. Carla looks relaxed, approachable, warm and professional. We are rapt with the outcome and so was Carla:
“Genius – you’ve done a great job!”

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