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The Lyon/Hull extended family – 2018

This is the third time I've documented the Lyon/Hull extended family. The first shoot was done 5 years ago and in that time the kids have grown from toddlers to teens. It's important to document a family every few years because when people say 'they grow so fast' they certainly aren't kidding. You can see their other shoots here and again here. ...

The Frisch family – family photos townsville

When you have little ones, life sure does change quickly. It was only 10 months ago I documented the Frisch family for the first time.... Riley was a happy chubby baby and in that short time, she's grown into a happy curious toddler. The best part - this is only the 2nd out of a 3 shoot package I've created for fast growing ...

Melanie, Rhiannon and Isobel – family photography

I feel honored to have witnessed these moments of pure beauty. I couldn't even count the number of times Rhiannon and Isobell told their Mum how much they loved her and each other. They kissed their Mum, hugged each other, danced, laughed and told me they were having the best day of their lives. After the shoot, I got this ...

The Deacon family 2018

I love shooting for the Deacon family yearly, but this one was extra special. Huon moved to Perth last year so this shoot was scheduled for his first trip home. It was beautiful seeing them together after their time apart. That's the thing with family... no matter how long you're apart, when you're reunited everything just falls into place. There's no ...

Tea at Henry’s

I'd love to share this recent commercial shoot shot for Lisa who owns Tea at Henry's. The business is named after Lisa's little boy Henry, therefore, we simply had to have Henry involved in the shoot. Sharing tea is obviously something they do together daily. Enjoying a tea with someone you love creates an opportunity for connection and sharing. I've ...

the frakes family – beach family photos

I first shot for the Frakes family when Olivia was just 6 months old. We've documented their story many times over the years. The afternoon we spent together down the beach was relaxed and simply beautiful. Their gorgeous little dog Tilley kept us all entertained. Even before the shoot Danielle had a very clear idea of how she wanted to display ...

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  • The best thing about Christmas... for me it’s the company. (Ok, the foods a close second 😆) We’ve got 30 coming to our place for Christmas lunch. I’m not taking bookings for a few days over the Christmas period and the other days are filling up fast with family shoots. If you want your family documented, now is the time to book 😃
  • Cousins - the connection between cousins always amazes me. They can live miles apart, rarely see each other but pick up right where they left off. When I look at this image I can’t help but see it through the eyes of their grandmother. I think she’s going to love it. Megan.
  • A storytelling portrait film of my beloved 94 year old grandmother, Iris. 
Ever since her children moved out and started their own families breakfast has been tradition at my Grandmothers house. Her number one priority has always been family and I'm grateful that the values she instilled in my Mother have been passed onto me. I hope you enjoy this little insight into the essence of someone I hold so close to my heart. 
If you're interested in me creating a storytelling film of someone you love... please get in touch. Megan :) Full film here - (because I can’t get it to upload to IGTV... driving me mental... DM me with any tips to get it to work please)
  • I get asked all the time what my favourite thong to photograph is. I always answer, it’s  LOVE. Love shared between lovers, parents and children, pets and owners, the love for your job, your sister or your life. It’s all about love.
  • I got my baby fix! This little guy seriously is the most chilled baby ever! I did this shoot in his home... it just makes life so much easier for Mum, Dad and Bub. Often if parents are relaxed, baby is relaxed. 
  • We all ended up in the water!!! It was an absolutely STUNNING day down at Pallarenda. I was lucky enough to be there with this gorgeous couple. About 30 minutes into shooting I said to them "I have an idea, do you have a towel in the car... will you get in the water?" The answer was a resounding YES. I'm so pleased we did! It was so beautiful in there I was completely in the zone and didn't even think of being eaten by a crocodile once. Incredible! 
Thanks for being so adventurous Tiffany and Gabrielle. 
Megan :)
  • Hanging a family photo on the wall is not something everyone wants to do. I think sometimes people avoid having their photos taken because of this. There are other options!  A custom made album can be the perfect way to communicate the story of your family. When I design albums for families I like to give the parents a list of questions to ask the children.

What do you want to be when you grow up? Why? 
If you could have a superpower what would it be? Why?

Children really do say the funniest things so their answers are often unexpected. Check out one of my favourite albums on the blog. The Munro kids are so sweet -

Megan :)
  • 3 SPOTS LEFT for HEADSHOT DAY - We only have 2 spots left for Friday 11th and 1 for Saturday the 12th October. 
Here is the low down - 
25 minute shoot at Stanton House, Townsville
Delivery of 4 high resolution files of your choice 
Cost - $180

You can use this link to book so get in quick -

Image - The super talented Kerry Spina from Townsville's Kids in Harmony with the incredible book she wrote 'I love my body'. If you don't have a copy you can get one here - 
Megan :)
  • The dates for our next HEADSHOT DAY's have been set - 
Friday 11th October 
Saturday 12th October 
To keep it fresh we've got an exciting new location and it's fancy! I can't wait to shoot at Stanton House, Townsville. The light has me doing my happy dance! 
The details for headshot day are - $180 gets you a 25 minute fun, easy shoot + web gallery to choose your 4 favourite files which will be retouched and delivered in high resolution. 
You can book using this link - and go to the blog if you'd like more information -

These 4 images of lovely Carla from The Wellness Centre Tsv are an example of what you can receive. 
Megan :)