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Grace and Dean

The most beautiful thing about documenting love is that it rubs off on you. I left this shoot with a warm feeling in my heart... Dean and Grace are beautiful individuals so as a couple, it's a love that shines bright. Watching them interact was certainly a highlight and then their gorgeous pooches arrived. My day was made!

Judy and Chris’s – celebrate love

My favorite thing to photograph - love Chris and Judy got engaged! They planned to celebrate their love with their friends and family throwing an engagement party. They also thought it would be great to do their engagement shoot on the same day. The party was held just out of town on 28 acres of bushland. The perfect  location for a shoot especially ...

Teegan and Sean – a double celebration

It was a double celebration at Teegan and Sean's engagement party as they are expecting their 1st child this year. Teegan had the genius idea of doing a shoot before the party using the beautiful late afternoon golden light that I love to shoot in. The party was at the Townsville Turf Club which also doubled as our shoot location. We ...

a growing family

I love shooting greek and italian extended families. They show their emotion easily which leads to emotive portraits. Mothers grab their grown sons cheeks and kiss them, Sisters are comfortable hugging and the vibe is one of love. This shoot happened with family members traveling from Perth and Mackay to be a part of it. Family is everything to the pedruzzi ...

Engagement Photos – brett + bec

Brett and Rebecca were sent to us by the talented Kim Bartlett Master Jewellers for an engagement shoot. Brett and Rebecca love hanging out at Queens Gardens so it seemed fitting as the best spot for their engagement photoshoot. We laughed so much during this photoshoot that we all had sore cheeks - my sort of photoshoot! How gorgeous is ...

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