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Tuscan reunion

Open my heart and you will see, 
Graved inside of it, “Italy.” 
Robert Browning.
Italy could possibly be one of my favourite countries that I have traveled to since living in London and whilst I am conscious of trying to travel to places that I have never been to before, Italy is just one country that I have returned to each year. This year I was lucky enough to spend 5 days in Tuscany with the added bonus of traveling with Honey and her mum.
Words can’t do this country justice. The food, wine and countryside…. Sigh.
We spent 5 days based in a Tuscan villa in little town called Noce – a town that had 1 supermarket and what seemed like a population of 30. It was however a perfect base which allowed us easy access to Pisa, Florence, Sienna and Greve in Chianti. Honey and her mum are two peas in a pod and we spent the entire 5 days laughing until there were either tears rolling down our face or were literally rolling on the ground in fits of laughter. Anyone who has been fortunate enough to meet Honey’s mum will realise that the apple does not fall far from the tree! Aside from laughing, we spent the rest of our time having long lunches, short coffees, reading through earthquakes and doing absolutely no exercise due to Honey being on crutches after rolling her ankle 3 weeks earlier. It was the perfect holiday! The photos will tell a better story than I could possibly even offer. Looking forward to the next European reunion! xx

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  • Oh Sarah the photos are beautiful and your words are kind I have such great memories of Tuscany and you and Honey are part of those memories, it is a shame “frank” couldn’t be there!! X

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  • Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life... yeah right! After shooting all day yesterday (8am- 6pm) I was then editing until 2am. But because I love my job it’s not work? I’d say it’s BECAUSE I love my job that I work so hard. 
I’m feeling a little like little Charlotte in this image. 
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#portraitphotography #pregnancyphotoshoot #preggers #maternityphotography #windowlight #townsvillephotographer #townsvilleportraitphotographer #photosathome #home
  • Ohhhh I had been looking forward to this shoot! 
For me, the best part about shooting in someones home is the ability to tell more of a story. When I view old photos of my family I am always scanning the background looking for clues in the images of the life my parents/grandparents had. One day maybe Anna and Darren's little one will do the same with these images. I've chosen my favourites and shared them on the blog. Link in bio. 
Megan :) Anna Williams Megan Marano
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  • Cousins - the connection between cousins always amazes me. They can live miles apart, rarely see each other but pick up right where they left off. When I look at this image I can’t help but see it through the eyes of their grandmother. I think she’s going to love it. Megan.
  • A storytelling portrait film of my beloved 94 year old grandmother, Iris. 
Ever since her children moved out and started their own families breakfast has been tradition at my Grandmothers house. Her number one priority has always been family and I'm grateful that the values she instilled in my Mother have been passed onto me. I hope you enjoy this little insight into the essence of someone I hold so close to my heart. 
If you're interested in me creating a storytelling film of someone you love... please get in touch. Megan :) Full film here - (because I can’t get it to upload to IGTV... driving me mental... DM me with any tips to get it to work please)
  • I get asked all the time what my favourite thong to photograph is. I always answer, it’s  LOVE. Love shared between lovers, parents and children, pets and owners, the love for your job, your sister or your life. It’s all about love.
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  • We all ended up in the water!!! It was an absolutely STUNNING day down at Pallarenda. I was lucky enough to be there with this gorgeous couple. About 30 minutes into shooting I said to them "I have an idea, do you have a towel in the car... will you get in the water?" The answer was a resounding YES. I'm so pleased we did! It was so beautiful in there I was completely in the zone and didn't even think of being eaten by a crocodile once. Incredible! 
Thanks for being so adventurous Tiffany and Gabrielle. 
Megan :)