The Green family

After calling Townsville home for many years the Green family were moving South so wanted some family photos to celebrate their time in Townsville. Amanda and Paul knew they wanted to start the shoot in their home. With so many happy memories here it was the perfect location. Their house backs onto some bushland where over the years the kids have played with the other neighbourhood children and built a bike track. We especially wanted to document this spot. To a stranger it just looks like photos in the bush but to Emerson and Jed, it’s their childhood. The beach was our next location with iconic castle hill in the background. The whole family is very active so we needed the wide open spaces to capture this. Emi is a dancer so we couldn’t resist lots of leaps and even arial cartwheels.

I hope these images always remind the Greens of everything they loved about living in Townsville.

Megan 🙂



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