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Headshots and business in action commercial photography

These images were shot on location or a local engineering company. I was pleasantly surprised to find the office was beautifully lit so shot with natural light for the team in-action shots. The headshots needed to have a white background so I used a full studio light set up for this. Shooting with a full light set up gives me ...

professional headshot Townsville

Putting a face to a name on your website and in your marketing or advertising can make all the difference to building relationships with your clients, colleagues and the public. Because most of our clients first meet us online having a professional headshot is key. These shots needed to be friendly but also professional.  These headshots were taken for 31 Sturt ...

Headshot photography

We usually capture most corporate headshots inside with studio lights. When we were asked to photograph the staff from Bank of QLD in an outdoor setting, we were excited to be able to use our favorite golden backlight! I had been location scouting the week before and had found this city/river scene which ended up being the perfect backdrop. We were thrilled when Lisa the bank owner told us.. "They are ...

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