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Zac called me last week with a secret mission in mind. He was going to propose to his girlfriend Caroline and wanted the moment captured. Caroline had a pretty good idea that Zac was planning on proposing and thought it was going to happen while they were in America later this month but Zac really wanted to catch her by surprise so put together other plans. Being in the military, he sent me this detailed plan of how it was all going to go down at Queens Gardens.
Screen Shot 2018-10-05 at 5.18.45 PMZac’s friend Dan and I arrived early, Dan hid in the maze with the music and champagne and I pretended to be a bird photographer. They arrived, walking down the path in front of the maze and as soon as Zac said on cue the words “this is the best” Dan started playing one of their favorite songs… Zac then dropped to one knee and proposed pulling out the most incredible diamond ring to seal the deal. She said YES!!
To say Caroline was surprised is an understatement. She didn’t even remember saying yes. It’s wonderful they have these images to re-live the moment over and over again. Being part of this mission was super cool and so much fun!
The craziest part of this story is on the morning of the scheduled day of the proposal Caroline sent Zac a picture of this exact location saying she wanted to go there to use her new camera…. These two certainly are on the same page.
If want to see all the magic unfold pop over to the blog –
Congratulations Zac and Caroline!!! I hope your life together is full of happy surprises like this one.

Time for some new family photos?

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  • She ran wild and free and just looking at her in this image, makes me want to do the same. 
Megan :)
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  • Where would we be without our friends! This girl gang has had each other's backs since prep. Documenting them before they run off together into the teenage years was important. You can't make time stand still but you can document it. 
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  • I'm pretty sure when I saw this image on the back of my camera I squealed.  Those pointed toes and the eyes closed kiss - sweet girlie delight.
  • "The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team." ⠀
Quote, Phil Jackson. ⠀
Thanks to the growing Keyes & Co. Property team for killing it in front of the camera. ⠀
Megan :)
  • SOLD OUT!!! I'm happy to say HEADSHOT DAY is sold out. Thank you ladies!!! I can't wait to meet you all and capture images you will love. I'm also excited to announce the wonderful @botanicalstyletsv will be styling our set. If you missed out on booking this time please send me a DM to be added to a waitlist for next time.  Megan :)
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Check out this beautiful shoot on the blog. Link in profile. ⠀  Megan ⠀
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