Maternity photos Townsville – History shared, joy doubled

Sharing history with clients is one of the biggest rewards we receive being photographers. I first photographed Sarah in my last year at uni for my fashion folio (1st photo below).
The next time I saw Sarah was when she came by our studio to talk about wedding photos with her partner Tyson. Their wedding day was beautiful (2nd photo), sweet and such a joy to photograph. Every time I hear the Juno soundtrack I think of their wedding (Sarah walked down the alise to this “All I want is you” – see youtube clip below.
Then a few years later Sarah and Tyson came back to have pregnancy and newborn photos (3rd & 4th photo)! I was so excited to be able to share in another milestone!
Sarah and Tyson are attractive, smart, interesting and always super nice! The best part is that they are both Doctors and they will be able to share their ‘awesomeness’ with lots of people!

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  • Bought tears to my eyes – yet again 🙂
    Just gorgeous Honey – my sweet hahah

  • Just beautiful photos and a lovely story showing Sarah’s essence of becoming a beautiful lady, wife and mother. Love the photos x

  • Dear Honey, thank you so much. Firstly for documenting the most intimate and special moments of our lives so amazingly. Secondly for your kind and humbling words. We have always felt so comfortable being photographed by you and that you completely understand our ideas and tastes…. no matter how obscure. We could not be happier with results. Many heartfelt thanks. Ty, Sare and Elsie Bear! (PS: How hot is Sarah?!? – she’ll kill me!)

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