Cee Smith Pottery – commercial photography for creatives

2022 was the year I fell in love with creating pottery… thanks to this talented lady. I was then lucky enough to get to have her in front of my camera! It doesn’t get much better than creating images for a creative. We chose to do the shoot in Carolines home and wanted to capture her creative process. I wanted the images to be light and airy, to have a shallow dept giving a blurred effect to the background and at times, some movement. We of course had to include Hilde who is as Carolines describes her – an extension of herself.

Thank you Carolyn for sharing your passion and also for creating the gorgeous pieces I have scattered around my home and given as gifts to loved ones. There’s nothing better than giving a handmade gift! I believe a shop update is on its way from Caroline so keep an eye out to grab one of her treasures. You can find her treasures HERE 



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