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Studio Fun

I had lots of fun shooting my little sister in the studio a couple of weeks ago. We were also lucky enough to have a friend, Sevasti, do the make-up for the afternoon. We shot a couple of different looks - one more relaxed and another more edgy. I was really happy with the result. One of my favourite parts of creating ...

model shoot

Liz and I had so much fun photographing Brad's folio. We laughed until we almost fell over... sometimes we have shoots where things flow and magic happens. This magic happens when both the client and the photographer are really enthusiastic about the project and put equal energy into the end result. Sometimes it is hard to be enthusiastic about getting ...

Model shoot

What a shoot! Liz and I had so much fun photographing the beautiful Chelsea who is only 12 years old! Chelsea is one of those lucky girls who has been blessed with great skin, sweetness and legs that go on forever! The photos are being used to send away to modeling agencies which is super exciting. Chelsea did so well ...

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