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Imogen’s formal

Shooting for someones graduation is pretty special. The feeling of hope, anticipation, new beginnings and endings is in the air. Imogen and her Mum Belinda found me by googling the name of my business and going through my portfolio when they saw the signage on my car. I'm so glad they did! Imogen was pure elegance in her custom made ...

Codee’s graduation

This is Codee, Sean and Treen's youngest daughter, and my niece. Codee graduated from St Margaret Mary's this year. Isn't she beautiful! Eamon (Codee's partner) also looks dashing in his suit and was the perfect gentleman. Congratulations Codee. I know a smart, funny, intelligent girl like you has a bright future ahead.  Congratulations to Sean and Treen... your youngest child graduating ...

Rebel's Graduation

Graduation week is one of our favorite times of the year. We shoot lots of beautiful girls and handsome young men. There is excitement in the air and anticipation of a bright future and new things on the horizon. This year I was asked to shoot my neice Rebel. Isn't she stunning! We did the shoot on a family property out ...

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