Introducing our studio (and the team that make it tick!)

It is rare to find one of us without a smile on our faces. Why? We absolutely love what we do. Every day we are invited to be part of the special relationships in your lives. From capturing the gentleness of a newborn, chasing a child to make them laugh, the looks of love between a couple, to enhancing the images in post-production (even then we're often caught smiling at the screen).

It’s our love for what we do that keeps us excited, inspired and keeps our clients coming back year after year.


photographer, owner
commercial + workshops

Our very own ray of sunshine, the first to break out into song or interpretive dance. Exciteable by other people's happiness, inspired by simple pleasures in life + above all else... a lover of good food.
Gaining a BA of Photography at JCU, Honey experienced the world of fashion in Sydney before drifting back to firmly cement herself in the hearts of our wonderful clients.
0431 063 422 or 4779 1880


photographer, owner
portrait + weddings

Megan is our extremist with an all or nothing attitude, going about everything with a story to tell + a mischevious twinkle in her eye.
Megan began taking photos in her hometown, Ayr, to capture her kids (Mum to 4, stepmum to 2). 17 years later she continues to capture the essence of childhood like no one else + loves to shoot the relationships between the big people too.
0431 063 422 or 4779 1880


graphic artist + studio manager

90% of the time Suz is the balanced one of the team. Be that balancing multiple cups of tea, cooking up a new design for us or juggling a little bit of everything we can throw at her.
Suz studied graphic design at college, loves designing for print + is one of the rare few that actually enjoys organising, making databases + creating forms to keep the studio ticking.
0431 063 422 or 4779 1880