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The Dubois – Adams family

It brings me great joy to document extended families. I know that what we are creating will be valued for generations to come. There are so many beautiful relationships to capture too. I loved watching the lovely Dubois-Adams family interact. The shoot revolved around the two little ones. They naturally bring so much joy and are adored.

When asking people what they would save if their house was burning the most common answer is family photos (aside from people and pets of course).

Photos are the hardcopies of our memories and stories, are part of our legacy. We treasure them, hold them close, we pass them down. It’s an incredible gift to be able to share a visual of moments, details, people and places with those we love. It allows us to connect with them and they, too, can feel a glimmer of the joy we feel when we reflect on those times. It brings us together.

Family photos connect us to those who came before. When you share photos from the past with your children, they become connected to their own story. This is powerful!

Thank you to the Dubois-Adams family for trusting me with documenting your family.

Megan 🙂

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  • 5 Days! The countdown is on. We've got a few Christmas traditions that are very special to me and it's all about to begin. Violet is bursting with excitement. I asked her what her favourite part about Christmas was... she said it's everyone making it a priority to be together. We all gather for Christmas lunch and this year there will be 28 of us. I've already started cooking in preparation. 
Megan :)
  • I showed them this image on the back of the camera and they said nostalgically “that looks like our home” Anna specifically requested this shoot be done in their home. In 20 years when that little bump looks back on these images they’ll learn so much more about their parents than what they look like.
  • The sporty kids family! Hayley and Tenille, from Sporty Kids Australia, their partners and their sporty little kids. This team is doing great things for Townsville's little ones. Their shoot was high energy and lots of fun. Their passion rubbed off on me so I left the shoot feeling inspired to be active. 
I now just need to shoot for them every day :)
  • Already a week of school holidays down. It seems no matter where you travel in Australia you can't escape the heat so we've decided to stay here this year. I'll still be shooting but will enjoy a little time off so will enjoy seeing our home through the eyes of someone on holidays. 
Megan :)
  • No matter how big they get... always our babies.
  • Where do they get their energy?! I’m pretty sure parents of small children ask this at least 17 times a day.  Megan :)
  • If a picture is worth 1000 words, a film is the whole book. You don’t even realise life is changing until it has. When is it exactly that their voices change from being so squeaky to being grown up? When was it exactly they climbed on your lap for the last time? Which time will be the last time they all pile into your bed? A family film captures all the moments that are most special to you, the moments you want to hold onto... it bundles them up and let’s you keep them forever. Thank you to the McCabe family for sharing family life with me for a few hours on a Sunday.  Megan :) full film here -
  • Not only did I create a family film for the McCabe family recently, we also did a completely seperate shoot down the beach. I mean seriously, i could shoot for these guys everyday. I’ve just popped a few of my favourites on the blog. Check them out, link in bio.  Megan :)
  • Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life... yeah right! After shooting all day yesterday (8am- 6pm) I was then editing until 2am. But because I love my job it’s not work? I’d say it’s BECAUSE I love my job that I work so hard. 
I’m feeling a little like little Charlotte in this image.