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Melanie, Rhiannon and Isobel – family photography

I feel honored to have witnessed these moments of pure beauty. I couldn’t even count the number of times Rhiannon and Isobell told their Mum how much they loved her and each other. They kissed their Mum, hugged each other, danced, laughed and told me they were having the best day of their lives. After the shoot, I got this message from Melanie –

“Thanks so much for our shoot yesterday. The girls are still raving about what a great afternoon it was and how much fun they had! I am amazed that you managed to make something as simple as walking up a hill and getting our photos taken seem like such a fun outing (even with all the complaints they made about sore feet!). I can’t wait to see our pics!!”

The day after this photoshoot Melanie did something wonderful… she shaved her head to raise money for the leukemia foundation. She has a goal to raise $2000 and is almost there. If you can spare a little money this is a wonderful cause. Melanie shares her story and you can donate here


















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