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Townsville Wedding photographer – Leah + Jon

Leah and Jon, what an awesome wedding… simple, classic and beautiful!
Photographing a bride and groom that you have already built rapport with before the wedding makes the whole experience very rewarding. In most cases we meet with a couple several times before their big day, but with this couple I was lucky enough to have photographed them several times too! I first photographed Leah at her friend Melanie’s wedding that Insight Creative shot two years ago, then she was one of the guests at our first Make Believe Wedding, then I captured Leah and Jon’s engagement photos. So by the time their wedding day was here I felt really comforatable around them and their friends.
Leah and her girlfriends got ready at The Oaks Apartments on the 13th floor overlooking the river and Townsville city. The apartment was self contained so it had two bedrooms and a kitchen which allowed heaps of space for photos. The colours were neutral and the windows/doors were huge so we had plenty of great light to work with. The talented ladies from Boheme Beauty did the makeup and hairstyles were by Capelli. Leah is one of the most organised brides I have ever photographed. It made my role so much easier when I knew I had plenty of time to chat to the girls, take their photograph and really watch them all interact in such a comfortable way, as old girlfriends do. It meant that Leah’s organisation allowed everyone to be more relaxed on the day.
When Leah first stepped into her wedding gown it took everyone’s breath away. The dress fitted her perfectly, with soft lace finishing and sweet little buttons that ran up the back of the dress. The ladies at BellaDonna did a great job with her dress!
I noticed a box of flowers through the door way in beautiful tones of yellow and cream and some of my favourite flowers – Peony Roses! I can always tell without looking at the tag when the flowers are by Townsville Flower Market… it’s hard to describe why, it’s just a certain style.
The ceremony was held at St Joseph’s church which has beautiful heigh ceilings. It is quite a dark church to photograph which often means shooting on quite high ISO’s to capture the scene. We could use flash, but we find it so intrusive during the ceremony that we avoid it unless we absolutely have to. It was lovely to see so many familiar faces in the crowd from previous weddings I’ve shot for the same circle of friends.
The first location was a rustic scene building which offered a few different backdrops with tin, bricks and wood. Jon is from out West so we wanted incorporate a rustic theme to the location choices. The second location was a grassy field next to a road. Leah really liked the idea of the winding road through the shot. We only just made it to the second location before the sun set! I was enjoying the first location so much that I stayed too long! (note from Suz: whilst completing post-production on the location photos I noticed something in the sky… 100% natural, not photoshopped in… two hearts in the clouds!!! See if you can spot it in the road photos below…) Photographing weddings in Townsville does offer some challenges in that we don’t have grand buildings and plush interiors, but we do have lots of natural beauty that is only a fifteen minute drive away in most directions.
The reception was held at Jupiters with a sit down dinner. Jon’s grandmother made the three story wedding cake as a gift which added a really personal touch.
Thanks Leah and Jon!
Louise & Honey xx

Did you spot the hearts in the sky?!!! Not photoshopped, promise!

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