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Italy photos – Roma

I was excited to see some of my Italy photos featured in the latest Townsville Eye magazine! They are always looking for holiday submission stories, so be sure to email ( the lovely ladies at the Townsville Eye.
Earlier in the year I was lucky enough to go on a five week holiday to Italy. The first two weeks I spent with my boyfriend Stewart and the last three weeks I spent with my mum. Here is the first installment of MANY more…
Most of our mornings started early so we could avoid the masses of people on the streets. On the first morning we headed out into the fresh early morning air walked past the Coliseum, The Roman Forum, across the Tibre river to Trastevere area and walked up about a million alley ways with gorgeous cobble streets, old doors, buildings with vines cascading over the facade. To keep us going there was always a cafe to stop at for a quick expresso, hot chocolate and pastry.
Not long after we found the pizza shop and ordered two serves of pizza that looked plainer that anything I had seen, we sat at a park bench and ate with eyes closed… Simple, salty and oily – perfection!
After many hours of walking we decided to hire bikes (much to my horror as the roads were crazy). With our new bikes in tow, we headed home using our iPad to ‘sort of’ find our way home. After a quick break at home we were off again to get a late lunch (more carbs!) and a bottle of wine. We set ourselves up in a park  watching people amongst the beautiful flower petals that fell like snow flakes from the trees.
The next morning we rode into the city, the morning air was cool and fresh and I felt like I was in some foreign movie riding through the streets of Roma! We lucked upon the Trevi fountain off some alley way. It was only 7am and there were only a few eager tourists hanging around. We then cruised on past the Vatican with bells ringing loudly. We did some crazy bike riding up one way roads, on highways with no bike lanes… I was absolutely petrified, but couldn’t turn back! We made a long detour into this amazing park full of umbrella pines with lots of Italian men exercising in Lycra! After many wrong turns we finally made it to the suburb of Trastevere to have the most amazing hot chocolate, expresso, chocolate and custard crosaints. The drinks were so good that we ordered double! The Italian hot chocolate is rich, thick, velvety with a slight bitterness from the high coco level. We noticed a second hand market on the way to coffee so we headed back to explore. Wow!! The most amazing furniture, nick nacks, clothes and random stuff. We bought a few really old black and white photos of a famous Italian actress called Gina Lollobridiga.
So many highlights, winding through the lane ways, feeling more confident riding like a local in the traffic. The bike really made our experience in Roma. Starting so early in the morning allowed us to see Rome as a magical wonderland, as the day got later the streets became crowded and the sparkle kind of wore off.
Honey 🙂


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