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Creative Workshop Bali

Bali will open your eyes to the beauty around you... we'll teach you how to capture it. Need some time out to focus on you? Lacking inspiration or wanting to develop your skills? Join us on a creative workshop in Bali. Only ten spots available, register your interest now - What is a creative workshop?  Learn to take better photos, laugh with like minded people, explore the Balinese culture, experience new ...

a long weekend at Alva Beach

My long weekend was spent down at Alva Beach with close friends. We spent the days at the beach and the nights by the fire toasting marshmallows. Next time you are by a campfire, try this one... Wrap in foil 1 banana, marshmallows and chocolate then pop it in the coals until it's a gooey, caramelised, sugary, divine treat. I ate way too much, ...

London Olympics

Our gorgeous Sarah Burgess has given us an update on how the Olympics has been going in London.... "Well it seems only appropriate as I sit here watching the closing ceremony of the London “Summer” Olympics 2012 to recap on what has turned out to be an amazing and well organised couple of weeks here in London with the sporting event ...

Tuscan reunion

Open my heart and you will see, 
Graved inside of it, "Italy." 
Robert Browning. Italy could possibly be one of my favourite countries that I have traveled to since living in London and whilst I am conscious of trying to travel to places that I have never been to before, Italy is just one country that I have returned to each ...

Photo Memories

I love the feeling of looking through old photos... the memories all come flooding back and you are transported back in time to when the photo was taken. I came across this photo a couple of days ago and it bought a huge smile to my face. It shows myself and my younger sister Johanna at The Woodford Folk Festival ...

Sarah's in France again!

I always look forward to hearing about Sarah's latest adventures... this time to the south of France! Sarah was our wonderful graphic designer for many years (in the early days of Insight Creative). "Easter- traditionally in my family this involved a hot lunch and a silent battle amongst the kids to see who could make their easter eggs last the longest. ...

Paris stories by Sarah

Sarah Burgess is back with another installment... this time from Paris.... “I used to think New York was the best city on earth and then I went to London. Then thought London was the best city on earth and then I went to Paris.” At 06:30 in the morning even the music playing directly from my generic mp3 player into my ears couldn’t ...

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  • This family walk this beach most afternoons. They have their special spots along the way – the log that the kids balance along and the rocks. They enjoy watching the kids play while the sky turns from blue to purple to pink. In years to come when they look at these images hopefully they will remember not only the day we did the shoot but also all the other days they were there as a family. Hopefully they will remember how it felt to be there.
Megan :)
  • A little something to think about during the festive season.
  • Baby Sadie has arrived and Asta is bursting with joy. Look at the excitement on that gorgeous little face.
  • Tis the season for family visiting. It’s a great opportunity to document the love you share. We have limited spots left for the holiday season so get in quick :)
  • When I photographed Sophie as a 3 year old she had all the moves so I knew she was going to be incredible to shoot for her graduation. She's simply stunning!
  • When I first met Teal to chat about her graduation photoshoot I thought her Mum looked familiar... turns out I photographed Teal when she was about 1. How time flies (and how old do I feel). This was the last shot of the day and is my favourite! 
Megan :)
  • The good thing about having a sister who is a photographer is she takes photos of your kids…. the bad thing about it is, you never see the photos she takes. Just ask my sister, she’ll tell you all about it. All of that changed this week when my sister and niece viewed the images I shot only two weeks ago. Yassss, Aunty of the year!  Check out Karlee on the blog, link in bio. 
Megan :)
  • My favourite thing to capture... hands down is love. If you look for it, it’s everywhere.
  • Family coming together really is the best part about Christmas. This year I am not going away, so if you want to document having everyone in the same spot get in contact now to lock in a shoot. Megan.