Design Session

We'd love to meet to talk about your photoshoot + together cook up some creative ideas so your shoot reflects you + what's important to your family.

Ask us any questions + we’ll guide you through what to wear + what to bring so you feel comfortable, relaxed + ready for your shoot!

From here we'll book a time, date + location for your shoot.


Your Shoot

The cost of your weekday photoshoot is $300 which includes $140 redeemable on prints and products of your choice from our price list. Your shoot can be inside or outdoors, totally up to you.

We’ll capture the interactions that happen naturally between your family + the moments that start to tell your story.


Viewing all your photos can be overwhelming (be prepared to love them all!). We’ll guide you through our price list + the range of products we offer but it's a great idea to start thinking about your available wall space, family birthdays + take a look at our pricing + products page for ideas. 
Our 'only buy what you love policy' says it all, + we never hard-sell.

Shooting outdoors

where to shoot

Shooting inside

Like an old relaible friend, we have our favourite, tried and tested locations that consistently produce excellent results for us and keep enticing us back. We’ll show you examples of shoots at these locations at your design session but if you’ve got a special place that means something to you let’s cook up a creative shoot together.

The options are (almost) only limited by your imagination... the only thing we insist on is having great light.

Shooting inside can provide a comfortable and safe environment. We're not as controlled by the weather for inside shoots.

The results of our inside/studio shoots speak for themselves. They are simple, pure and all about the people we are capturing.

What to wear

about your shoot

Style it up

When you come in for your design session we’ll guide you through clothing to compliment the location for your shoot. The most important thing when deciding what to wear: be comfortable. Style it up - but not so much that you don’t feel like you.

Some things to consider...

  • co-ordination is good, but all in the same colour or matching can be a little too much
  • consider one colour as an accent perhaps with accessories and key pieces of clothing
  • steer clear of logos and branding -they can be very distracting
  • neutral tones compliment most backgrounds and locations


Need a little extra touch of magic? Karen from Carbine Avenue is available to create a super-styled photoshoot combining props, clothes and locations... without you having to do a thing. Additional cost may apply, contact us for further details.