Photo workshops right here in Townsville!

From the creative team who bring you outstanding photography as part of Insight Creative, we are pleased to offer photo workshops enabling you to take better photos using your own digital SLR camera.

With a wealth of experience, a passion for photography and a ridiculous ability to make the most complex camera technicalities not only graspable but fun, we will guide, inspire and set you further upon your photographic journey.

Limited to four participants only so please email to check availability and secure your spot! 

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Photo Workshop: Basics

Download our info brochure for more details on each of our workshops and then contact us to book your place for our next photo course date! 

Happy Photographers

'Loved being a recent participant - don't hesitate, your family photo album will love you for it!!' Denise

'Thanks so much for a wonderful day of laughter, sharing, and learning. I had such a great time and learnt bulk cool stuff! Photography is so much more exciting when you have more control than just pointing and shooting.' Rita

'It really was an awesome day and I love that I have more control over the manual settings on my camera now. You ladies really know how to make learning fun!!!' Sally

  $495  |  Book Now

Expertly guiding you through our bag of tricks, providing you with the best secrets to shooting with natural light situations available to everyone; front lit, shade and window light.

There’s no boring-technical-sitting at a desk-theory! It’s completely hands on fun. We’ll walk you through each lighting situation, talk the camera talk (shutter speeds, aperture etc.) but then you’re straight off to put it into practice and guess what... if you don’t get it we’re right there to help you through it!

Level: Beginner or refresher
Limited places available please email to check! 

Editing: Lightroom Basics

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Photo Workshop: Backlit

$229  |  Register interest

Join us as we cover the basics of photo editing using Adobe Lightroom, bringing your photos to life!

We will discuss colour correction, exposure, contrast, cropping, straightening and tips for organising your photo library.

We recommend Lightroom as it is user-friendly and is an essential part of our daily post-production.

Level: Beginner

$249  | Register interest 

Our favourite lighting condition requiring it’s own dedicated workshop so we can all bask in it’s golden back lit glory.

If you love our dreamy, golden photos, full of emotion... this is the workshop for you.

Suitable for anyone who can handle all the lighting conditions of our Basics Workshop and know their camera basics (shutter speeds, aperture, ISO etc).

Level: Advanced


One-on-one Workshop

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From our Basics Workshops

If you know specifically the areas that you need help with, maybe there’s something you can’t quite nail or we’re just not covering yet... join one of the team for a personalised workshop, one-on-one where you can rapid fire your questions, perhaps go on location with them and squeeze all the info from them you can!

Level: All levels