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Our documentary style professional photography captures your event, key speakers, candid guest interactions, corporate branding and everything in between.

Whether you're organising a corporate event, celebrating achievements and presenting awards recognising the value of your staff, parties, charity events and fundraisers or Government and political departments with a national or international interest, our photography will provide high-quality images suitable for media and PR or just for remembering your occasion.

  • Documentary style
  • Key speakers, candid guest interactions, branding, event style details
  • Minimum 2 hour coverage
  • Includes all images

You will receive:

  • Post-production - basic retouching to make your images look their best - additional retouching available, just ask.
  • Final high resolution images delivered digitally or on disc.
  • High-priority turnaround if required (additional cost may apply)

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High expectations

Our event photography pricing structure is detailed below or simply provide us with further details online or email info@insightcreative.com.au.

Before we can provide a custom quote for your event, consider the duration, the key elements, if you require priority turn-around for media and PR.

Contact our team to check availability and to secure your date.

When you comission our team to photograph your event, you're not paying for us to simply press the shutter release button (afterall with the digital age almost anyone can take a photo) - you're engaging a team of qualified and experienced professionals who combine all their skills and prior learning to produce high quality outcomes for our clients. 

From our team you can be assured:

  • a commitment to consistent quality
  • high quality cameras, lenses, lighting and equipment
  • knowledge and experience to get the job done in a professional and timely manner
  • creativity and style
  • an investment of our time from our whole team to ensure nothing leaves our studio without our 100% confidence in the finished files

Photobooth fun

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These clients use us...

Consider photobooth at your event as a fun, relaxed way to capture everyone who attended, additional cost may apply.

Why not send a print to attendees as a thank you? We can organise printing, just ask us for pricing and details.

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